The team of professionals has developed an effective scheme of fertilizers treatment. A long-term experience of practical use of fertilizers in different countries of the world provides evidence of high efficiency of complex feeding.


AGROVIT GROUP based on long-term experience in various countries around the world has developed a highly efficient technological scheme of ironites treatment on different crops.

Professional approach to the plants nutrition system based on crops biological characteristics, agrochemical soils indicators, planned productivity, as well as availability ratio of plants hydrothermal resources in vegetation period allows to gain the extras of:

7-14 kg / ha of winter wheat with fibrin increase by 4.5-5.0%

4.0-6.0 hundredweight / ha of winter rapeseed

40-80 hundredweight / ha of sugar beet with sugar content increase by 0.8-1.2%

2.5-4.0 hundredweight / ha of soybean seeds with protein increase by 3-5%

6-15 hundredweight / ha of corn

4.0-5.5 hundredweight / ha of sunflower seeds, and so on

Fertilizers treatment methods experience

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