Modern soil and plants diagnostics

AGROVIT GROUP is a dynamically developing company

We are one of the first in Ukraine (since 2001) began to introduce a professional microelement nutrition system for field cultures crops, as a result we have a significant achievement, and therefore the respect and recognition from our producers.

We have created a new line of special NANOVIT ironites for foliar feeding, developed and introduced a new series of starter high-concentrated liquid fertilizers NANOVIT Terra NPK for starter treatment, we have produced granulated types of Magnesium Sulphate and Ammonium in bulks, implementing the European Magnesium Sulphate Сrystalline.

However, moving forward we are keenly realize that today's conditions requires a high-precision (correct) solutions in growing crops technologies that will provide high results with reasonable investments.


One of the first priority steps in this direction is undoubtedly high-precision modern diagnostics. Without an impartial assessment of the agrochemical soil status, the physiological plants status in the vegetation period, it is impossible to develop a rational fertilizing system of any culture. That is why, we have expanded our analytical equipment, namely, the most up-to-date, high-precision diagnostic equipment made is USA has been purchased, which ensures the obtaining of precise soil and plants agrochemical indices, instantaneously without human factor interference.

Complex approach to field diagnostics

  Automatic sampling of soil samples by a sampler that is equipped with the latest software


Complex soil analysis on high-precision equipment for 75 indicators: soil pH, nitrogen content, mobile phosphorus, exchangeable potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, mobile sulfur, zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, molybdenum, cobalt, heavy metals, etc..


   Development of agrochemical field cartograms


   Assessment of the potential of the field and the planned yield of crops


✔  Determination of the effectiveness of the application of mineral fertilizers on a specific field


  Operative leaf diagnostics during the growing season of crops and development of recommendations on elimination of existing deficiencies of elements


  Identification of critical factors associated with soil characteristics


Setting the need for chemical meliorative measures (liming, gypsum)


   Development of recommendations on the system of fertilizing crops


  Development of technological methods for growing crops on a specific field (selection of varieties / hybrids, soil treatment system, fertilizer, protection, etc.).


  Professional support for the implementation of recommendations

Our main goal

  Тo provide clear recommendations concerning right mineral fertilizers selection process, norms and regulations for their treatment, to optimize the system of microelement nutrition and to obtain the maximum result with reasonable expenses


Our specialists is needed to obtained objective results of soil and leaf diagnostics in order to develop recommendations for you concerning main fertilizer and microelement crop nutrition that you grow


We are developing recommendations, and you implement them to get  high-yielding crops

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