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Total Nitrogen Mass Fraction on dry basis

at least 21%

Sulfur Mass Fraction on dry basis

at least  24%

Free Sulphuric Acid Mass Fraction on dry basis

at most  0.8%

Water Mass Fraction

at most  0.3%

Granules Mass Fraction in size of 4-5 mm

at least  85%

Granules Mass Fraction in size of 3 mm

at least  15%


6,0 ± 0,5



Produced by TU-2181-060-00205311-2014 (Kuibyshevskyi Chemical Plant)


1000 kg big bags

First of all it's recommended to add under crops that is heavy to Sulfur deficiency, as well as poor Sulfur soil content

It can be add both in the fall and in the spring

Treatment method 100-200 kg/ha

It is quickly soluble when added into the soil

It is characterized by low migration capacity, which protects it from removal

Mixing with all types of free running, granulated fertilizers is allowed

It can be used for feeding crops in the vegetation period, as well as adding in solution with liquid Nitrogen fertilizers

AMMONIUM SULPHATE  (N 21%, S 24%) – granulated and crystalline mineral fertilizer of European quality, which intended for fertilizing grains and pulse crops, rapeseed, sunflower, sugar and fodder beet, potatoes, corn, green crops, fruit and berry trees. It has contains Nitrogen in ammoniation mode – 17.5% and Sulfur in sulphate mode - 35%. Promptly solving Sulfur and Nitrogen deficiency problem. Providing higher crop yields and quality of final product

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