pale-green, yellowish color of plants

chlorosis of the entire leaf surface

slow growth of vegetative organs

small ears, feeble grains

decreased yields and quality of product


gray-green or reddish-purple coloring of leaves

poor root system

slow growth and development

deformed flowers and seeds

delay in seed formation, low protein content


green-bluish and yellow coloring of the lower leaves

"burned" edges of leaves

slow growth and withering of plants

fragile stems, crop lodging

low yields and quality of product


spotted (marble), pale yellowish leaves (rapeseed)

chlorotic striped spots on the lower leaves (grains)

decrease in chlorophyll content

slow growth and productive process

decreased yields and quality of product


young leaves of pale yellow with a red shade

inhibition of growth and plants root system development

irregular flowering and pod setting (rapeseed)

decrease in symbiotic apparatus activity (pulse)

yield quality decrease


red-purple coloring of leaf edges

death of growth points, shoots, roots

deformation and abortion of flowers

chlorosis of leaves and root rotting (beet)

decreased yields and quality of product


vein chlorosis or spotting of the lower leaves

yellow-green coloring of leaves covered with spots

small leaves and leaf rolling

short internodes and dwarfism of plants

decrease in protein and sugars content


whitening of the young leaf tips (grains)

flaccidity, drying, falling of the leaves (pulse)

slow growth of generative organs

blind-seed disease, crop lodging

low protein, sugar and oil content


gray leaf spots (grains)

chlorosis and necrosis of leaves (pulse, rapeseed, sugar beet)

low foliage of trees, yellowing of leaf edges (fruit trees)

decrease in yield and sugar content of root crops

low sugars and vitamin C content (fruit trees and vegetables)

Plants nutrition deficiency

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