Conform to international quality standards

Except macro- and microelements in the form of chelates contains an unique biologically-active complex NANOACTIV;

Promptly solving deficiency of macro- and microelement and plant hormones imbalance in plants.

Providing multidirectional stimulation of growth processes;

Providing high efficiency with reduced fertilizers treatment methods;

Distributing with thin layer on the leaf surface in plants, does not evaporates and not runoff from the plant thought the components of NANOACTIV complex;

Increasing absorption volume of macroelement from the soil (N, Р, К, Mg, Са, S);

Provides activation of the anti-stress mechanism in the plants (increase plants resistance to stress, which caused by high and low temperatures, pesticide stockings and so on);

Increasing plants resistance to malicious objects;

Compatible in one work solution with lots of plant protection products;

Provides treatment by various type of techniques (ground sprayers, aircraft and helicopters);

Guarantee high yields with improved quality and high return on investment.

Based on long-term experience in the field of microelement production, modern scientific researches and practical use on millions of hectares of various crops in lots of countries around the world the team of highly qualified European professional developers has created an innovative product, which takes into account all the needs of farmers

 – this is a new line of ironites in the form of EDTA-chelates based on the unique biologically-active NANOACTIV complex. The fertilizers are well-balanced in macro- and microelement composition and

biologically active agents, and also a wide range of aminoacids, which promptly solving plants nutrition deficiency problems and plant hormone imbalance in extreme vegetation periods. Providing multidirectional stimulation of growth processes, plants resistance to various stresses, increasing yields level and quality of final product. They are compatible with lots of chemical and biological agents, allowing different treatment methods by using ground sprayers, aircraft and helicopters.

The fertilizers are used for feeding all types of field crops, fruit trees, vineland, vegetables on protected ground and on the field, flowers and so on

NANOАCTIV COMPLEX – is the unique, well-balanced multi-function complex of sustainable chelate EDTA-agent (ethylenediaminotetraacetic acid) with biologically-active agents (plant hormones, carbohydrates, humic substances, adjuvant and other organic compounds) and a wide range of aminoacids (glycine, leucine, glutamine acid, proline, lysin, methionine, alanine, histidine, valine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, cystine, isoleucine)


Provides prompt penetration of nutritions into the plant cells at the nanoparticles level

Increasing stress factor tolerance of plants

Provides regularly spaced distribution and better coverage leaf surface working solution

Provides long-term appearance of a protection film on the leaf surface, which promotes continuous adsorption of nutrients from fertilizers by plant cells.

Quickly increases enzymatic and hormonal plants activity

Activates metabolic process in plant

Increasing osmotic properties of plant cells

Stimulates energy and carbohydrate metabolism

Promptly solving problems of plant hormones imbalance in plants in extreme situations

Increases plants resistance to stress factors (law and high temperatures, pesticide stockings and so on)

Promotes rapid restores of damaged plants

Stimulating active cell fission and enlargement

Increases the pesticides effectiveness

Provides work solution stability



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