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Due to the wide range of NANOVIT fertilizers, we are able to effectively balance the agricultural fertilizing system, promptly solving problem of various stresses release, provide plants with plants nutrition depending on the planned productivity, solving problems of plant hormones imbalance in extreme vegetation periods and following plants nutrition deficiency during growth and development.

Spraying the crops with NANOVIT fertilizers providing multidirectional stimulation of growth processes, activation of anti-stress mechanism in the plants, control of the plants growth and development in vegetation period and therefore gaining high yields with improved quality and cost-effectiveness.


The gained experience of practical use of fertilizers on different crops providing high efficiency of foliar feedings regardless of the treatment method.

We have developed technological scheme of NANOVIT fertilizers use on crops. It provides for their treatment with aiding of different types of technical means by using ground sprayers, aircraft and helicopters. At that time, the treatment method of work solutions depending on the technical means can ranges from 25 to 200 l/ha.


Fertilizers are versatile in use, compatible with lots of chemical and biological agents, which in turn enhances the effect of plant protection products. Characterized by resistance to evaporation and runoff from the plants. Providing high efficiency if complying with the recommendations and instructions on their joint use in the same tank mixture.


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